Klemen BIZJAK was born in 1974, finished the high school of Economy in Postojna, and study at the Faculty of Agriculture in Maribor. During his studies he worked as a photographer in The Students' Magazine AGRONOM, and the magazine created by the Club of students in Ajdovščina MA BEJŽI. From time to time, he published his works in the weekly magazine Mladina and in the magazine OKO in Nova Gorica. Today, he is the owner of private company BITERRA www.biterra.si
***- 24.Slovenian exibition of slides, Celje, December 1998
***- 24TH International color slide salon, 1999, Welsh - Greta Britain
***- EKSPO 1999, Marubi, Alabania
***- EX TEMPORE IDRIJA 1999, Idrija,
***- MOČA SAVE, Krško, June 1999.,
***- 3.Biennial of photographs The Carnival of masks 2000, Cerkno, March 2000
***- Group exbition of the winners of Magdalena, The Headquarter of new KBM, Maribor, August 2000,
***- Te exibition at 100 add places in WC in different inns and guest houses ( Nova gorica, Ljubljana, Ajdovščina, Sežana, Kranj, Novo mesto, Koper, Portorož...)
***- The first independent exhibition "MEDTEM" Vipav's cross, November 2000
***- The group exhibition - the primary school February the 8th, February 2009 Acknowledgment:
***- Acknowledged in DIA and the winner of the Silver plate at 6th MEETING TRIVENETO CROATIA, Trst, May 1999
***- Two first places at the 2nd Festival of visual communications MAGDALENA, Maribor, April 2000, Jaki Club DSO ( together with Boštjan Čarga) in categories; Second printed adds and Potolaži of Slovenian